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Wireless Security

Stay on top of technology with a wireless home security system from GE Security. Wireless systems are relatively inexpensive when you consider the prices of other traditional security systems. You don't have to worry about burglars cutting any wires to disable your system, because there are no wires to cut! You'll get a wider security range with a wireless system, and to add additional equipment, you can still keep your piggy bank whole. Get the latest wireless technology to help keep your home in Milwaukee WI as safe as possible.

Interactive Video Monitoring

To get the most from your home security system, you'll want to get Interactive Monitoring. Interactive Monitoring lets you be in complete control of you alarm system. You can couple this with video surveillance, cameras, and sensors to affordably secure your home in Milwaukee WI. Interactive Monitoring lets you check on your system from remote locations from any computer that is connected to the Internet, or even your cell phone or PDA. You can access clips online, and save them for later. Get alerts as text messages when the batteries are low in your system. With Interactive Monitoring, the possibilities are practically endless.

Get a $400 System for Only $99.95!

GE Security is committed to providing you with the best prices on the market, for the most advanced wireless security system. When you sign up for the Essentials Kit, you get all the equipment and the activation for only $99.95, which has a value of $400! This promotion lets you choose if you want basic alarm system monitoring, or if you want to pay slightly more for Interactive Monitoring. It includes all the essential equipment you need to get started, with a control panel, a motion sensor, two window or door sensors, and a keychain remote. Now you can get the ultimate in home security, with wireless GE Security.

Self-Installs in Only 30-Minutes!

Self-install home security systems are easy, technologically advanced, and an affordable alternative to traditional wired security systems. With your home security equipment, you'll also receive a booklet that instructs you in exactly how and where to place your sensors. First you'll plug in the control panel, place the sensors according to the booklet, and then complete the installation by calling to activate the system. It only takes between 20 and 30 minutes, and it's completely free! You won't have to wait around for an expensive service technician, when you can do it yourself. This way you can get the most advanced security system for your home in Milwaukee WI, without all the crazy prices.

Free Shipping and Guaranteed Satisfaction

GE Security provides the best equipment on the market, and we are so confident you will love the security we can offer, that we provide you with a 15-day risk free trial. If you are dissatisfied in anyway, you can return all the equipment, free of charge. We'll even give you free shipping on your order, so you can test out the security equipment. When you are thinking about security, GE Security is a name you can trust, and we guarantee your satisfaction

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